17 Mei 2009

10 reasons for Najib for wanting a discussion with PR

In the last few days invariably the head lines of all news is nothing other then the on going Perak political crisis.

Prime Minister DS Najib has now agreed to discuss the impasse with the Pakatan Rakyat(PR) leaders.

Why Najib wants to talk now? At least 10 reasons for him to do so.
1) Najib may be willing to discuss because the support for BN is so weak that that a discussion of this nature may enhance Barisan National(BN) status.

2) Najib masterminded the take over of BN in Perak when he was the DPM. Little did he realize this coup d’etat could boomerang to such intensity that it is hurting his public image now? He may never recover and this may soon politically seal his future.

3) In just about 10months the PR government of Perak was able to win the heart and minds of its people. The polices on freehold, the openness on awarding of contacts, the transparent manner of running the state government, appointing NGO’s as councilors, giving lands to schools, Exco members and the MB who are easily approachable nd many more.

4) Rumors are that there are some BN elected assemblyman who may jump ship and this is one way to contain them

5) The present situation is untenable. Perak has 2 Mentri Besar’s (MB), 2 Speakers and 2 secretaries to the House (clerk) The situation is unsettling the BN as much as the PR thus the necessity for discussion.

6) Investors are filling jittery and may continue to refuse to invest in Perak. This will hurt all. But in this drawback, BN elected representatives will suffer most as dishing out contracts by them will dry up. In the process BN will fail to get the continuous support from the people.

7) Who is the legal MB or the ex-MB? Both the MB’s are in that situation. People are confused and the continuous indecision will damage all but the BN will still suffer more. Reading the blog’s and articles one see’s a bashing of the BN. Some how the BN cannot and seems not able to get public opinion on their side

8) Ejecting Speaker V.Sivakumar and the video footage clearly show the ruthless ness of BN. To make matters worse the unprecedented entrance of policeman into the meeting hall has aroused a feeling that the BN had planned this event. In fact we hear over 100 policemen from all over the country was asked to report to Ipoh police who were used to implement this eviction of V.Sivakumar. Local police was apparently not encouraged as they may be familiar to many elected representatives and they may be reluctant to implement BN’s modus operandi

9) When BN took over Perak government immorally they failed to see the importance of the Speakers post, the Committee of Privileges and the Public Accounts Committee. The majority of the members of these committees are from the PR. All these were overlooked. Thus the jig saw puzzle is not complete unless all these posts revert back to BN.

10) The courts decisions are of little help. One day Nizar wins the next day the ex-BN MB is back in power. It all looks like the circus is in town for all to have fun. But it is the Perikians who eventually suffer.

The PR leaders must be cautious on the invitation for discussion with Najib. Najib must win at what ever the cost in this proposed meet. But how will the PR fair?

Remember the fatal mistake Chin Peng made when he agreed to meet Tuanku at Baling in 1956?